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Date - Time - Price


Baphomet Spring 2020

Run 1
Monday March 16th to Thursday the 19th 2020

Workshop on site Monday evening from 18.00, larp Tuesday and Wednesday, and departure from venue Thursday around noon.

Run 2
Thursday March 19th to Sunday March 22nd 2020

Workshop on site Thursday evening from 18.00, larp Friday and Saturday, and departure from venue Sunday around noon.

Number of participants
31 in total per run
24 participants as members
3 participants as councillors
2 chefs
2 Lord Templars (not available for participants)


Sign Up

You sign up to BAPHOMET by following this link. You can sign up as two different types of characters: Members or Councillors. If you sign up as a Member character you need to put in your sign up form who you are partnering up with for the larp. They also have to fill in their own sign up.

To play this larp, you should be 20 years or older. Previous runs have had players up into their sixties, and there is no upper age limit.

As a member of The Hermetic Order of Ardor, you need to sign up with another participant and you will larp as a member-couple. If you want to participate at the larp as a member, but havent found a person to participate with, please go to this link and follow the instructions.

If you want to sign up as Councillor of The Hermetic Order of Ardor, you do that alone. Councillor-participants will be helping us to progress the story, and expect some level of instructed play during the larp. You will also be doing some manual labour, such as removing plates and the like. This is the reason for the lower price for Councillor tickets. Read more about the Councillor characters here. We know that three staff is not nearly enough to serve more than twenty people. In the fiction, all members of the Order are expected to help out with the work, so there will be plenty of time to larp when playing Councillor.

To be clear: all participants will help with work in the kitchen during this larp, and that work will be performed in character.



  1. Sign up opens December 15 2019 and will be open for 14 days. The order in which people sign up doesn’t matter, so no need to rush as long as you fill the sign-up form before the deadline.

  2. Once sign-up IS STILL OPEN. we’ll read all sign-ups carefully and select participants for the larp. (Read more about the selection criteria below). Once selection is done, we’ll let everyone know whether they’re in the larp or not. You will know if you have gotten a spot on January 16th at the latest.

  3. After you have the email confirming your participation in the larp, you’ll have to pay for the larp. The deadline for paying is January 30th. Or you can pay in two instalments where the first instalment is EUR 95. Fist instalment is due January 30th. The second instalment is due March1st. If you do not pay on time you will loose your spot.

  4. The sign up form will ask whether you would want to be on the waiting list. In the case of cancellations or participants failing to pay the participation fee on time, we’ll start contacting people on the waiting list. 

Selection Process

We strive to make the player selection process as fair as possible. Players will be selected for the larp according to the following criteria:

  1. Motivation. The sign up form will ask why you would like to play in this larp. Be as honest as possible - there is no one right answer.

  2. Gender balance. We strive for a balanced representation of various gender identities.

  3. Diversity. We wish to make a larp that’s friendly to participants of a variety of backgrounds and abilities.

​In any situation where applying these criteria doesn’t give us an obvious answer, we’ll make the choice through drawing lots.

sign up

On gender norms and Baphomet

Baphomet is set in “the vintage era”. Even in our history, times and societies with strict gender norms always included pockets of liberty or resistance. In the fiction of Baphomet the gender norms of the time period are upheld everywhere except at the order. ​Here couples and gender identities of any constellation or type are allowed. As they say in the order, “Ardor only sees love“. To the characters the order is a free space where they are allowed to express themselves.

You as a participant can choose the sexual preference and gender identity of your character. The characters will be adjusted to your preferences. Since they are based on archetypes, they are at the outset quite flexible for you to form the way you want to interpret them.

In the narrative, an important consequence of advancing to the degree of Templar is that this promotion gives you the right to have and raise children. For some couples this will mean they are now allowed to find a donor befitting their situation.

When it comes to the two deities present in the fiction, Baphomet is queer in nature and has both "male" and "female" body parts. Pan doesn't care who they are interacting with as long as there is passion and drive.

Participants will always be in control of their own body and interactions. As a baseline all participants should be comfortable with some sensual and sexual play cross genders.



The Lungholm Estate in Denmark. An amazingly beautiful estate that can house 28 persons in stylish and atmospheric rooms. The main building was built in 1853-1856 and its interior fits perfectly to the larp's time period.

The address is: Rødbyvej 24, 4970 Rødby, Denmark.

to bring

What to Bring

  • Outfits fitting your character

  • Swimwear (does not have to be vintage) (there is a pool and a sauna but the use is not mandatory)

  • Alcohol if you need it. (We will have a little but please bring your own)

  • Shoes for indoor use. Can be heels.

This list will be expanded in a player letter closer to the larp


Participation Fee


Member Character (24 available each run)
Run 1 - 445 Eur
Run 2 - 485 Eur

​Councillor Character (3 available each run)
Run 1 - 295 Eur
Run 2 - 335 Eur


The location is quite hard to reach by public transportation. We will coordinate a bus if there is enough interest. It will cost around 60€ for a round trip from Copenhagen Central Station. You can buy your bus ticket here. Nearest airport is Copenhagen airport (CPH)).

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